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Vorschau 2. Halbjahr 2019 (Änderungen vorbehalten) Print E-mail
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10. September 2019, 

17:00 "100 Jahre Gemeindebau"


12. September 2019

15:00 "Die Alpensaga, 4. Episode: Die feindlichen Brüder"

18:30 "Der Mann auf dem Balkon"


10. Oktober 2019

15:00 "Die Alpensaga, 5. Episode: Der deutsche Frühling"

17:30 "Die Alpensaga, 6. Episode: Ende und Anfang"


17. Oktober 2019

17:00 "100 Jahre Gemeindebau"


12. November 2019

15:00 "Ekstase"

18:30 "Dokumentation über Hedy Lamarr"


10. Dezember 2019

15:00 "Lumpazivagabundus"

18:30 "Früchte des Zorns"


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Film archive

Our archive includes numerous film, video and audio files.



Technical collections

The WIFAR has a small collection of historic devices.




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More then 10 years ago WIFAR Print E-mail

has been founded by a group of film technician, historians and audio vision technicians. The function of WIFAR is collecting and archiving visual material (audio and video files) concerning the history of the labour movement as well as the culture of everyday life. Material from the time right after the First World War up to the present is included and the inventory is extended continuously by private archives and collections offered to WIFAR.

Restoration and conservation define the activities of WIFAR to a great extent, whereas the priority lies on the digitalisation of the historical movies. By this means extremely valuable audio and video evidence are preserved for the collective memory and provided for the contemporary research.

Furthermore the historical and political education is a central concern, which becomes manifest in publishing DVDs of the collection. This DVDs are used as teaching material in several schools and educational institutions.

WIFAR also is an archive, that expands itself constantly via it‘s own productions. The focus lies on interviews of contemporary witnesses and on capturing every day phenomenon, whereas both also define the content of the documentary films produced. In regularly organised public presentations WIFAR informs interested guests about it‘s collection inventory as well as current productions.

For it‘s services WIFAR had been awarded on European level with the well-established "Seal of Erasmus Media Award 2008".